Transparent Call Charges

Are you not sure about what your phone company will charge when you use We try to be as transparent as possible and looked up all possible charges which are well hidden by your telecom provider. If you have another question or suggestion, please find our contact details in the 'About Us' section. is the only provider in the UK being so transparent about your provider's charges.

How is your call charged

All calls are charged directly by your phone company on your regular phone bill. Our computerized system accurately calculates the rates per second. All rates are shown in pence per minute (p/min) and are VAT inclusive.

The charge of each call consist of 2 components:

  1. Service Charge (our part)
  2. Access Charge (charged by your provider)

1. Service Charge

The Service Charge showed in our rate list of our 0843, 0844, 0871, 0901, 0903 and 0911 numbers.

2. Access Charge

For calling 0843, 0844, 0871, 0901, 0903 and 0911 numbers, your provider will add a Access Charge.

The access charges are different per provider and subscription, please contact your provider to find out the exact access charges that apply in your case.

Can overcharge me?

No, the rates of our cheap access numbers are set by Ofcom, UK's telecommunications regulator. Your landline phone company will charge you the rate which is set by Ofcom. The rate you are charged on your phone bill depends on your telecom provider's billing system and any surcharge they may make. Contact your telecom provider for more details.