Program Access Numbers in Siemens Gigaset

Program your Siemens Gigaset

It's very easy to program our cheap access numbers in front of your phone numbers on your Siemens Gigaset! Please follow the guide below.

1. Select country

To make it as easy as possible to program your phone, please choose the country below you wish to call:

2. Guide

  1. Go to your Phone Directory
  2. Select New Entry , press the OK button
  3. Enter the first name of your contact
  4. Press the Down button
  5. Enter the last name of your contact
  6. Press the Down button
  7. Enter the access number:  
  8. Press and Hold the R key until a P appears
  9. Now enter the full number you wish to call, including the country code:
  10. Press the # key
    The result will look like:

      P   #
  11. Select Save to Save. The display show Saved .

3. Call

From now on, you only need to dial the created contact to make cheap international calls and we do the magic! Don't forget to create new contacts for your calls within the UK as well! Even within the UK, saves you hundreds of Pounds on your phone bill!

My phone can't store such a long number?

You can store numbers up to 32 digits in most Siemens Gigaset phones. If hit this limit try the following: remove the leading zero's from the country code   so it becomes   . The result will look like:

  P   #

Got Questions?

Need additional information? Download the needed manual from Gigaset's website. Or contact us and we'll help you out!