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Program your Avaya IP Office Phone System

It's very easy to program our cheap access numbers in front of the phone numbers in your Avaya PBX Phone Directory! Simply follow the guide below.

1. Select country

To make it as easy as possible to program your PBX, please choose the country below you wish to call:

2. Guide

  1. In your Avaya Manager, in the menu on the left, select Short Code .
  2. Press the yellow directory icon to create a new short code.
  3. Type an easy to remember Code, for example #01 .
  4. Select Dial in the 'Feature' field.
  5. Enter the access number in the 'Telephone Number' field  
  6. Add 2 comma's after the access number: ,,
  7. Now enter the full phone number you wish to call, including the country code:
  8. Add a hash-sign after the phone number: #
    The result will look like:

      ,,   #
  9. Press the OK button to Save.
  10. In to menu on the left select Directory .
  11. Lookup the contact of you wish to change or create a new contact
  12. Enter #01 in the 'Number' field.
  13. Press the OK button to Save.
  14. Now upload your new configuration file by pressing the blue disk button in the menu.

Screenshot: Short Code

Avaya IP Office Manager Short Code

Screenshot: Directory

Avaya IP Office Manager Directory

More info about the comma's

Every comma you put between the access number and phone number stands for a 1 second pause. If you receive errors like: "the number you dialed is too short" append one or more comma's to enlarge the pause between both numbers.

Got Questions?

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